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Looking Back at the First Six Months of Libertarian Politics
By Mathew A Erickson III


It has been six months since we started this journey of education and information, and I thought now would be a good time to take a step back, look at our accomplishments, and pinpoint our areas for improvement over the next six months.

Our biggest accomplishment over the past six months has been our website! Since we started the website, we have had almost 7,000 visitors (and 76% of those first time visitors), and over 10,000 pages viewed! While most of those have been from the US, we have had visitors from all over the globe: China, Russia, India, UK, Germany, and others.

With over 70 articles posted since May, one major area for improvement with the website is more frequent updates of content. 70 articles is about 1 article every 3 days, which is far below what I expect of myself. I will work on improving that number over the next six months.

Another area that I feel we really excelled at the past six months is social media. Aside from the issues we've had with Facebook, we have over 2,000 followers on various social media networks, and those numbers grow everyday. Through Twitter and Facebook, we have been able to reach and interact with a great number of people, and have discovered some great contacts to share information with.

Our final great achievement is our radio show. Since we started, we have recorded 23 shows, and had an amazing 4,155 listeners and downloads! The success of Libertarian Politics Radio Hour has been a direct result of our fans and the great guests we've had on the show, and this success directly led to World Liberty News asking us to do a weekly show on their network! Liberty Primetime starts December 3rd at 8PM EST on Shoutcast and at World Liberty News, and will run Monday through Friday from 8PM till 10PM EST.

All of our success over the past six months can be attributed directly to you; our fans, followers, listeners and readers. Without you helping to spread the word about Libertarian Politics, none of this would have happened. Thank you for your support, and look for more great things to come in the next six months!


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