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The Difference Between A Ground Game and Voter Fraud Debated - FYI
by Lance Winslow


Now then, I'd like to discuss with you the concept of an "election day ground game" because, the Obama Campaign specializes in this, and they have had some miraculous success in both the 2008 and 2012 election. Their success was so overwhelming in fact that it might raise an eyebrow or two to those who study statistics, Black Swan events, and anomalies in data sets. Myself, well I've always been a bit of a math guy, and with a keen sense of politics, race relations, and social norms, I often know when something just doesn't seem right. Okay so, let's talk.

We already know that President Obama isn't right, he's left-leaning in his political beliefs, along with apparently half of the US population so he's not alone by a long shot with regards to his political persuasion. We also know that there are areas of Cleveland and Cincinnati where they are generally speaking hard-core democrats and many areas that are pretty much all-black areas. So, it should stand to reason that President Obama's campaign that targeted these areas would indeed have done extremely well.

Unfortunately, extremely well doesn't mean 100% of the vote, which is what 16 of the precincts in Cleveland came back with - that's right 100%. 25 precincts Obama got all but one vote, 35 precincts Obama got all but two-votes. In another 52 precincts Obama got 99% of the votes. So, in well over 100 precincts Obama received well over 99% of the votes. Even if these were all African-Americans, that's unlikely, because many would have been military veterans, which overwhelmingly would have voted for Mitt Romney.

If Mitt Romney would have received 12% of the votes in those precincts, he'd have won Ohio. There are similar discrepancies in Cincinnati, Broward County FL, and Philadelphia. That would have been 60 electoral votes. And I guess I have to ask some questions, now; where else did this occur. And if all the military votes had been properly accounted for then it is my mathematical statistical modeling which shows that indeed Romney won the Electoral College, thus, should be president.

Now then, I understand the Obama Campaign had a great "ground game" but is it really possible that he won 99+ percent of the vote in all those precincts? Statistically, it's not, especially from the polling we saw previously. So, is this voter fraud? If so, who is to blame and which folks were running that ground game and where? Were there individuals who took it upon themselves to fudge a little to help Obama?

In my professional opinion, I believe so. If you'd like to see some of the statistics from these precincts, let me know by email - I'll be glad to send them, if you don't see an investigation in the news relatively soon. I do not believe that the African-Americans in those areas would vote 99% on race, these folks aren't racists, in fact, I am told that most racists are white people, who voted half-and-half, which statistically makes more sense to me.

Do you see my points? Thus, I question the data first, then I'll let someone else look into the motives and reasoning. Something is fishy and I thought you ought to know. So please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow


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