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What the 2012 Election Results Mean for Libertarians
By Mathew A Erickson III


Despite the best efforts of volunteers, Gov. Gary Johnson garnered only 1% of the vote on Tuesday. Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney spent more in the last week of the election in Ohio than Gov. Johnson spent since the campaign began. So despite now proudly wearing the tag of "I AM THE 1%", did Libertarians have much to happy about after Tuesday?

There are many things for Libertarians to be happy about after Tuesday! While Gov. Johnson only got 1% of the vote, it equated to over 1 million votes, making him the most successful Libertarian Presidential candidate ever. Other Libertarian candidates did well also, including Andrew Horning in his Indiana Senate race, Rupert Boneham in his run for Governor of Indiana, and Marc Victor in his Arizona Senate race.

The most important Libertarian victories came not from candidates, but from issues. Washington and Colorado voted to legalize Marijuana. This isn't medical marijuana, this is anyone over the age of 21 in these states is now allowed to smoke weed! This is a HUGE Libertarian victory, and provides the groundwork for repeal of this heinous law making marijuana illegal. There was also a Medical Marijuana initiative passed in Massachusetts, bringing the total number of states with medical marijuana to 18. In addition, California voters repealed the "Three Strikes" Law, which stated that anyone charged with simple drug possession three times received mandatory life in prison.

There were also the wins in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington for same-sex marriage advocates; wins in Alabama, Montana, and Wyoming preventing the Federal Government from forcing citizens in those states to have mandatory health-care, and a big win in Virginia against Eminent Domain.

While the next four years will certainly be difficult (and would have been regardless of which Big Government Puppet got elected), there are these and other bright spots that show the American people are open to Libertarian ideals. As more people become aware of these initiatives (and the inevitable crackdown by the federal government), remind them that Libertarian ideals are not a pipe dream, they are real, and they are happening!

Here is my challenge to you, dear reader:

1) Join the Libertarian Party. The more members that the Libertarian Party has, the more likely that these issues and more will be coming soon to a town, city, or state near you! You can go to my DoubleTheLP Page and join.

2) Find a Libertarian principle you are passionate about, and start or join a petition drive to have it instituted! Do you support same-sex marriage, but your state doesn't allow it? Do you support a balanced-budget amendment for your state constitution? Do you think marijuana, a simple plant that is safer than alcohol, should be legal? Start a petition, or join a drive, and send us an Email with the details so we can help publicize it for you on our radio and internet networks!

3) Finally, STAY INVOLVED! Election 2012 is over, and many of us are disappointed in the results. DON'T let that be an excuse to quit. Let that be your excuse to stay involved, work harder, tell more people, and prepare for 2013!


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