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Recent Articles

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Looking Back at the First Six Months of Libertarian Politics


It has been six months since we started this journey of education and information, and I thought now would be a good time to take a step back, look at our accomplishments, and pinpoint our areas for improvement over the next six months.

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US Patent 6630507: The Nail in the Drug War Coffin?


The nail in the coffin of the US War on Drugs is a medical marijuana patent owned by the federal government. At least, it should have been the fatal mistake of a dying concept, but it wasn't.

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The Difference Between A Ground Game and Voter Fraud Debated - FYI


I understand the Obama Campaign had a great "ground game" but is it really possible that he won 99+ percent of the vote in all those precincts? Statistically, it's not, especially from the polling we saw previously.

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America's Real Problem


As the republicans lick their wounds and democrats lick their chops the American people remain gleefully, blissfully, ignorant of the real problem America faces.

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Americans Work, Why Doesn't America?


When two opposing viewpoints about American workers were emailed me in the same day this week I had to wonder: if Americans are working so hard, why isn't America working?

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20 States Petition White House for Peaceful Secession


From legalized marijuana to secession petitions, it appears the Federal Government has lost its' absolute control over the American people. I'm sure that these petitions won't be successful, just as I am sure that the Federal Government will crackdown hard on Washington and Colorado for legalizing weed.

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The Devolution of US Government Coming


People who are not exposed to risk act completely differently than those who are exposed to risk. When risk has been transferred to the taxpayers by guarantees, giveaways, and subsidies, then speculation and mal-investment are incentivized. If the bet pays off, I get to keep the gain, but if it loses, then I personally lose nothing, as the loss is transferred to the taxpayers.

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Libertarian terms

Commonly used terms by libertarians and what they mean

Fiscal Cliff - The belief by many Libertarians that the US Government is at a point in its' debt/income ratio that is unsustainable, and that continued spending over the income level of the government will lead to a catastrophic collapse of the dollar, i.e. sending the economy over the fiscal cliff.

Non-aggression principle - A moral belief that the initiation or threat of violence against a person is inherently illegitimate, whether that violence is positive, negative, or neutral to the person. This does not include the use of violence in self-defense or in defense of others.

Freedom - the ability to live ones life without restriction, so long as it doesn't interfere with others

Individual Liberty - the ability of the individual to exercise their rights

Free Market Economy - a system of economics with free competition and prices set by supply and demand, not government controls

Social Tolerance - the belief that people should be allowed to live as they choose, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality.

If you hear a term that you are unfamiliar with or isn't listed here, contact us and we will add it!